Who can travel with WOMEN ON CLOUDS?

AGE: All women who are 18 + can travel with WOC. If you are below 18, you can either travel with an adult female member of your family or you need a written permission from your parent/guardian to travel with us. We welcome all women to travel with us and embrace the diversity of our travellers. - STATUS, PROFESSION, BACKGROUND, RELIGION, NATIONALITY - No Bar.

What type of women travellers will I meet on these trips?

WOC travellers are single, married, empty-nesters, professionals, entrepreneurs, business women, homemakers ; a mix of solo travellers, girlfriends, mothers and daughters, sisters, co-workers - and many more! Women On Clouds travel groups consist of women from across India, Dubai, Nepal , Singapore and other parts of the world as well.

Is this a single women club?

No its isn't.Many women travel alone because their husbands don't like to or don't have time for travel. Single women prefer women-only travel because they do not feel left out, as they tend to be on general tours which cater mainly to couples. The idea behind Women On Clouds is to be an independent traveller and not depend on others schedules to travel. The idea is to travel in a safe environment with only women travellers and a woman coordinator .

Will I be the only solo traveler?

No. A lot of women join our trips solo. This is one of the best features of Women On Clouds - you don't need to bring a travel companion.Infact , our atmosphere in our trips is so welcoming and friendly that you will feel like you are traveling with your best friends in only a few short hours.

Do you have to be a particular level of fitness?

Women who travel with WOC must be in reasonable health and have reasonable mobility. Walking is required on all WOC tours, and is therefore not appropriate for women who have excessive difficulty walking. WOC travelers are required to manage their own luggage, climb stairs, enter and exit transportation without assistance, and keep up with the pace of the group.

What is the personality of the group?

The women's travel group is casual, informed, and very welcoming. Most women travelers stay in touch after the trip, and many women find new travel pals for other adventures. Our CEO( Chief Experience Officer) helps in making you comfortable and bond with the rest of the group.It is our endeavour that you make feel totally comfortable and help and respect each other.

Where is the group/club from?

We are based in New Delhi and we are a team of young ,enthusiastic women who are excited to plan and execute wonderful trips for you.Though based in Delhi, it does not restrict us in helping women from other parts of India to travel with us. We help arrange airfare, train and other logistics from your city to the destination city. In fact, we have a lot of happy clients from Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkotta , Chennai , Hyderabad and other parts of the world as well.

What if I'm the youngest/ oldest/ heaviest/least in shape/only single woman/Only married woman /only mom on the trip?

You might be. Someone has to be the youngest/ oldest/ heaviest/least in shape/only single woman/only married woman /only mom on the trip.And while the great majority of our trips have both single and non-single women, and moms and non-moms, sometimes they don't. But as long as you've chosen a trip that is appropriate for your fitness level, it doesn't matter if you're "different" in any of those ways . Infact, we have realized from our experience is that when women from diverse age groups come together, they tend to have more fun. Each learns from the other and has valuable inputs to share.Each woman , irrespective of the above, comes with an open , flexible mind to meet like minded women, enjoy a wonderful trip and make new friends. Therefore, age , shape etc doesn't matter at all.

What is the average size of the group on a WOC trip?

The size of the group varies based on the trip you select. It is our endeavour to to keep our group sizes small, in between 6-20 travellers to give you the chance to interact easily with others on the trip and make you feel as if you are travelling with your own friends or close ones.

What happens if minimum numbers aren't reached for a tour to depart?

If minimum number requirements are not achieved, then we will offer the option to those booked to re-cost the itinerary based on the number travelling and decide from there. If the tour does not proceed we will refund your deposit in full. Women On Clouds always advises its travellers not to make any pre trip and flight bookings till we reach the minimum numbers.

What are the accommodations do you book for us?

Women On Clouds uses 3 star deluxe to 4 star quality hotels, deluxe safari camps, boutique hotels, home-stays, eco-lodges etc. WOC is very particular about the accommodation since we understand that we have to choose hotels which are safe and central with all the necessary amenities and comfort. At some destinations, the accommodation may be away from the city centre to provide better accommodation options.

Do you get a lot of repeat travellers?

Yes. Traveling in only women groups is fun, rejuvenating, and enjoyable. Contrary to beliefs, women bond easily with each other.It is also safe, comfortable and a great way to make new friends. Since our inception in 2008, we have had many happy clients who do many trips with us each year. Many women come back with friends they made on prior trips.

Do women come by themselves or with someone they know?

Most women (almost 80%) who travel with WOC Come by themselves. This is true whether it is their 1st trip or they have taken several trips. All our programs are designed around and for the woman who is traveling solo. 20% of the women on a tour will be there with a friend or occasionally a mother/daughter pair. What is more common is for women who met on a WOC tour to decide to take another tour together and be roommates. We see this quite often and it is one of the wonderful benefits of traveling with us! After a few trips with us you will cross paths with women you met on previous tours, and this will add yet another dimension to your travel experience with WOC.

Can my bring my child along?

Yes, Women who want to travel with their children are allowed to take along child below between 6-12 years . But this will be on additional payment. Prior information needs to given for the same.However the group activities , itinerary etc cannot be modified/altered in such a case.

What if I want to arrive early or extend my stay after the trip?

It is possible at extra cost. We can assist you with hotel bookings and other services that you might require for the same.

Do we share room on twin sharing basis? What if I want a single room?

Yes, the package costs includes room sharing on twin sharing basis so you don't need to pay the single supplement cost ( higher rate of a single room). However, if you require a single room ,we can arrange the same for you at extra cost.

How safe is it to travel with Women On Clouds?

Your safety and security is very important to Women On Clouds. We choose our hotels, activities , other vendors and suppliers and design our itineraries with your safety and security in mind. No matter where you are traveling with us, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that we have done our homework. We travel in numbers, our itineraries don't have lose ends, we stay in safe locations and use local guides wherever required. A female coordinator also accompanies you on tours to ensure comfort,safety and coordination. If an event happens that could have an impact on your tour, WOC will contact all travellers and keep you fully informed.

What is the role of the WOC tour leader/CEO ( Chief Experience Officer)?

Our Tour leaders are experienced traveller as and their role is very when the group is made up of women meeting for the first time, are traveling to a location they are unfamiliar with. The Tour Leader is a part of your group. She is there to look out for your safety, comfort, to help resolve issues, and to make sure you get what you want from your vacation. They are not tour guides. WOC may hire local guides wherever and whenever required. Our Tour Leader who specializes in group dynamics ensures you always feel safe, cared for, and everyone has companionship during free time unless you choose to be alone.

Do you arrange visas and travel insurance? Can I opt to arrange this on my own?

If it is included in the package, we will arrange the visas and travel insurance. If not included, we can arrange the same for you at extra cost. However, if they are included in package but you would like to arrange the same by yourselves, we refund the amount we have to you. However, cost of travelling for interviews at the embassy/consulate is not covered in our scope. It is the responsibility of the traveller to send in the correct documents for visa by the stipulated time.

Do I earn credit points for travelling with WOC and how can I avail them?

Yes you do!

  • -1% credit of the total amount spent with us excluding airfare and taxes on land package
  • -You can avail off this credit on your next holiday or save up credit and use as a lump sum at some point !
  • - A maximum of INR 2500/- can be used at one time for international trips and a maximum of INR 800/- at one time can be used in domestic trips.
  • - This credit system is available for fresh trips from 2016 only.
  • - Credit will be calculated on the total amount spent on the land package amount after deducting discounts , insurance, visas and taxes.
  • -You can either avail reference discount or credit discount in one trip - whichever is higher.
  • -You can earn credits on Light Pocket trips but discounts aren't available on Light Pocket trips.

Do I earn a reference discount ?

Yes!!! Bring along girl friends , family members , colleagues and avail reference discounts. For each confirmed reference for an international trip, you get a reference discount of INR 750/- per person and INR 350/- for a domestic trip. Reference discounts aren't available for Light Pocket trips.

How do I sign up for a Women On Clouds Tour?

1) You can fill out the online Tour Registration Form (Request the same from our team member). 2) You can print a copy of the form and send us a signed and scanned copy. (Request the same from our team member). 3) You can call the office and get in touch with us. Along with the form, you need to send us the booking amount for the tour through one of the payment methods. What are the payment methods: You can send us the payment through chq, online transfer, or cash.