Terms and Conditions


Travellers are requested to read through the Terms and Conditions very carefully before booking any services with us. To book, please send in your their confirmation with a signed copy of the Tour Registration Form along with the booking amount.Women On Clouds reserves the right to change the Travel Policies without prior notice. Latest terms and conditions are available with us.

For any clarification regarding any terms and conditions or any change in policies, please write to us at info@womenonclouds.com.


Terms of Use


Terms & Conditions under which Women On Clouds provides the information on this website and on the Tour Registration Form and terms & conditions governing your use of this site are set forth here. A contractual agreement is constituted between you and Women On Clouds for use of services and your acceptance is represented for terms & conditions set out herein.


Terms and Conditions


You agree to furnish complete, correct, true,recent and information about yourself as requested in our Tour Registration Form and to maintain and promptly update the registration information to keep it true, correct and complete. In case of any incorrect ,inaccurate, incomplete information, Women On Clouds reserve rights to terminate your tour /account and refuse to provide any current or future services without any prior intimation to you. Women On Clouds will also not be responsible for any compensation or loss of financial or otherwise incurred due to false information provided by you.


You are required to carry a valid passport while travelling overseas with minimum validity of at least six months beyond the conclusion of trip including atleast 3-4 blank pages. Most countries aren't accepting passports with 20 year validity anymore


You agree to be responsible for verifying the travel dates mentioned on the travel documents and for obtaining all documents required for visa and other entry documents prior to travel.You also agree to furnish all documents by the stipulated time to Women On Clouds for obtaining visas and other relevant documents if Women On Clouds is assisting in obtaining visas. You also confirm to meet any /or other requirements required by law, orders, regulations, and requirements of the countries you are visiting.


You confirm to meet all fitness standards required on the trip and any regulations and requirements of the countries you are visiting. Any physical or medical issue requiring special attention must be reported to Women On Clouds at the time the booking for the tour.Women On Clouds will try its best to accommodate the special needs of the travellers, but is not responsible for denial of services by carriers, hotels, restaurants, or other 3rd party service providers in case these special arrangements cannot be met or made available.


During your travel, you are responsible for looking after your personal belongings. In any circumstances, Women On Clouds shall not be held responsible for any personal belongings left behind or lost on any trip. . In case lost document cannot be replaced and you are not allowed to avail the services due to loss of document, Women On Clouds shall not be held responsible for any inconvenience or financial losses .


Women On Clouds will try its best to meet any special meal requests and will not be responsible or liable in case special meal requirements are not fulfilled. Vegetarian options are available in most countries and cities but with limited options.


You agree to abide by the applied laws of the county you are travelling in. You agree to comply with baggage regulations applied by the carrier and also agree to comply with the authorities and decisions taken by representative in the best interest of traveller or group. In case conduct of any traveller is deemed unsuited with the interests of other travellers, for the benefit of the other travellers, Women On Clouds reserves the right to discontinue the services to said traveller and in this circumstance the traveller will be responsible for repatriation and associated cost on her and will have no claims against Women On Clouds , its employees and its associated partners.


Photographs and videos


While on a Women On Clouds trip, pictures and videos of individual traveller and of partial or complete group taken by the tour representative or shared by individual traveller with Women On Clouds may be used for promotion, publicity and advertisement purposes in printing, website, company, social pages or in any promotional material. You will not be eligible for any waiver, service discount, payment or remuneration in respect of these pictures or videos. Incase, you do not want your pictures to be used, please give the same in writing before the trip and your request will be duly honoured.

Every trip has a required minimum number of participation needed for operation of a trip and in case criteria is not fulfilled, Women On Clouds reserves the right to cancel the trip and the clients shall not be entitled to claim for a loss arising as a consequence of cancellation of trip.


Payment Terms:


To book your seat, please send in the booking amount in favour of Women on Clouds with an AT PAR cheque along with the tour registration form to the our address.

The balance amount needs to be paid by the stipulated date.When 100% Payment to be made for confirmation in favour of "Women on Clouds. , you will receive your confirmation with final itinerary.

Payment for airline booking has to be made in full.

Other Options of Payments:




Tour Conditions: